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Often, behaviours that lead to women contracting the HIV virus include engagement in sexual intercourse within a heterosexual relation with someone who already has HIV/AIDS, using drugs intravenously or receiving infected blood products.

Risks of passing on the HIV virus to an unborn child is extremely high for women whom have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

The most common form of transmissions of HIV is through blood, semen, pre-ejaculation, rectal mucus, vaginal fluids and breast milk.

Therefore, women need to be extremely cautious when engaging in sexual activity as well as if and when falling pregnant.

In 1987, a well-known advertising program was launched, including television advertisements that featured the grim reaper rolling a ten-pin bowling ball toward a group of people standing in the place of the pins.

These advertisements garnered a lot of attention: controversial when released, and continuing to be regarded as effective as well as pioneering television advertising.

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As a result, despite significant numbers of at-risk group members contracting the disease in the early period following its discovery, the country achieved and has maintained a low rate of HIV infection in comparison to the rest of the world.Therefore, when falling pregnant it is important for a mother to access additional Antenatal care.Visitation to an infectious disease physician, experienced obstetrician, paediatrician and midwife is recommended.HIV/AIDS quickly became a more severe problem for several countries in the region around Australia, notably Papua New Guinea and Thailand, than it was within Australia itself.

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This led Australian governments and non-government organisations to place an increasing emphasis on international initiatives, particularly aimed at limiting the spread of the disease.

Australian Governments began in the mid-1980s to pilot or support programs involving needle exchange for intravenous drug users.

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