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30-Jun-2017 06:39

Here’s what goes down: Lydia is…telling anyone who will listen about her husband’s imminent vasectomy. You could be the cashier at a grocery store and she’ll probably tell you about the operation, though in much cruder terms than I’ll use here. She and Lydia head for the hills (literally) to talk about last week’s disastrous drag queen bingo trip and Kelly’s latest outburst, and Lydia admits she’s on Kelly’s side.

Lydia doesn’t think there’s any difference between Meghan inquiring about whether Kelly was seeing someone outside of her marriage and Kelly making up a rumor that Meghan’s husband had a mistress.

(Tamra literally stress-guzzles wine while Vicki is on the other line suggesting they meet for coffee.) But after some playful (I think?

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At Eddie’s dinner — a molecular gastronomy meal that seems like something s Tom Haverford would have dreamed up — Tamra fills in the other wives on her call with Vicki and her decision to hear her out in person. At Vicki’s birthday party, Peggy shades Lydia for RSVP-ing yes to Eddie’s birthday dinner and then backing out in order to attend Vicki’s birthday shindig, and it’s honestly the most I’ve ever liked Peggy.

I guess Lydia would probably argue that they are both butting into someone else’s marriage and bringing up affair allegations, but Meghan was asking about whether a rumor she heard was true, while Kelly was making up a rumor with the explicit intention of being hurtful. Shannon says they hardly spent time with each other anymore and barely communicate.