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02-Dec-2017 20:25

Studies have proven that sex lowers our blood pressure because it produces an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which protects the body from infections.Having sex twice a week reduces* the chance of a heart attack by 50%.Testosterone or androgen levels are also lessened during menopause which are also the reasons why some women lose* interest in sex.

Most menstruating women feel sexiest after that time of the month when female hormones are at their lowest level.Some menopausal women find themselves losing interest in not only intercourse, but in the entire passionate, romantic or flirty side of their interactions.A woman’s sex drive is tied to hormones, but in an intricate method.The vagina changes its shape, becoming shorter, narrower, and possible loss of pubic hair.

These changes vary from woman to woman and some of these changes are barely noticeable.Focus can be placed on intimacy touches, hugging, kissing, caressing, and other stimulating experiences, if intercourse is a little uncomfortable.

“But the operator of the bot is collecting payments for generating downloads, without ever having to interact with the user themselves.”If someone’s going to fall for a fake profile, that’s about as innocuous a result as one can hope for.… continue reading »

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Sandboxing schränkt ein, was Websites dürfen, und bietet so Schutz vor schädlichem Code und vor Malware.… continue reading »

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